Interstate Truck Licensing & Compliance Solutions

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Establish and maintain Driver Qualification Files
• Assure documentation to support the driver's qualification is obtained
• Run motor vehicle records for the company
• Complete all necessary previous employment verifications for the drivers
• Assist in the annual driver evaluation process
• Track all expiring documents in the driver file and issue reminders

Auditing and monitoring the driver logs / time records for the company

• Audit all logs submitted by the company and provide monthly management reports
• Check driver logs for falsification with supporting documentation (fuel reports, tolls, BOL)
• Verify that all logs are submitted for a driver and that none remain outstanding
• Provide instruction about how to comply with hours of service regulations
Supporting maintenance, inspection, and repair functions for the company
• Track and maintain copies of the annual inspections for all trucks in the fleet
• Remind the company when current inspections are due for renewal
• Document and follow up on proof of repair for vehicle deficiencies
• Run periodic DOT carrier profile reports to track on-road performance for the fleet overall

Maintain and file Quarterly Fuel Tax

• Prompt completion and filing of all state fuel tax and mileage reports
• Application for state fuel tax refunds and credits
• Audit support and representation (additional cost)
• Handling of all annual renewals
Drug and Alcohol Program and Policies (Administered through Schmidt and Associates)
• DOT Pre-Employment Drug Screens
• DOT Random Drug Screens
• Consortium

Some Useful Links

• DOT Safer website  Click Here
• FMCSA Licensing and Insurance website  Click Here
• National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners  Click Here
Other Services Include:
• DOT Audits (mock audits)
• Assist with DOT audits
• DOT Safety rating upgrades
• Driver Orientation
• Driver Training
• Safety Meetings
• CSA Monitoring
• Prorate/IRP
• Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Licensing Services Include:

• FHWA Motor Carrier Authority
• FHWA Brokerage Authority
• Process Agents
• Unified Carrier Registration
• Intra-State Authority
• Fuel & Mileage Tax Filing
• Property Tax Returns
• 2290 (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax)
• USDOT Compliance

ITL Compliance Solutions Team Members

Kris Olson

Kris Olson

ITL Manager
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Kelly Krapu

Kelly Krapu

Compliance Manager
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Shelli Gillie

Shelli Gillie

Compliance Assistant
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Compliance Quiz - Test Your Compliance Knowledge

Can you pass this quick compliance quiz?

Can a mandatory break be taken in 15-minute increments?     Yes / No     (Click to see answer)
No.   Breaks must be at least 30 consecutive minutes off duty, in a sleeper berth, or a combination of the two.
Can I continue to work after reaching the 60-hour or 70-hour limit?     Yes / No
Yes.   As long as you do not drive a CMV, you can continue to work after reaching either limit.
Is a 34-hour restart required every week?     Yes / No
No.   Although your company may require its use. The 34-hour restart is optional.
Can I abbreviate a city on my standard log?     Yes / No
Is it required to have a Bill Of Lading or Shipper & Commodity recorded on my log?     Yes / No